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iXe Printables


This Printables is for the game iXe and can be found on or project page.

This iXe printables include:

  • iXe Playkit
    • List of Scene’s Description
    • All Scene’s Fate Step Result
    • Avatar Sheet
    • Protocol Sheet
    • Empty Trait Sheet
    • Resource Check, Upgrading Resource, Vulnerability and Fallout Payoff, Expand Trait Cap, Tokens Exchange Rate, and Off-Grid Travel
    • Fate Step Instruction
  • iXe Trait Sheets
  • The PDF Version of the Gamebook iXe itself for those who had bought the Amazon Physical Copies only.

Instruction: The download comes in a .zip file. You can find the password for the .zip file in the digital or physical gamebook from Version 1.1 onwards. The password text is shown as "iXe Printables #.Zip Password: {password here}"

You can find the password in these pages: 4, 5, 14, 15, 27, and 112.

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You'll get a pdf file of the Character Sheet, Protocol Sheet, Reference Sheet, and Empty Trait Cards.

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iXe Printables

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